Chronic disease, animal cruelty and the climate crisis have one solution...

When we choose a plant-based lifestyle, people get healthier, animals get saved and the planet, healed. If you believe this and have experienced better health, answer our 1-question survey to help others believe too.

What’s this survey?

The survey asks one simple multiple-choice question. Share how you have benefited with improved health, and the Life Scoreboard will be updated instantly.

By showing the world the magnitude of people benefiting from a healthy plant-based lifestyle, the world will see that chronic diseases can be prevented and even reversed, animal lives can be saved and the planet can be healed. 

Together, we can create the change we’d like to see in the world, faster.

Our Mission

To empower plant-based ambassadors, with tools and strategies, to inspire the world, one person at a time, to be curious about a plant-based lifestyle.

Our Vision

Is of a plant-based world to benefit health, animal rights and the planet. 

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Kind words about our initiatives

"A Nutritarian diet is the gold standard of healthy eating and the world needs to know the results that occur as a result of eating such a healthful plant-based diet. I strongly support the WeDidIt initiative as it has the potential to impact and motivate people all over the world to take better care of their health. Please take their survey and aid in their powerful mission.”
"I think your idea is fantastic and exactly what is needed."

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Our e-book authored by psychologist Angela Crawford, Ph.D., “Plant-based for  Health – 7 best practices to inspire your loved ones to go plant-based” explores strategies to successfully inspire people to a plant-based lifestyle.

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