ankush bhatia

Ankush Bhatia

Founder of Aharshakti,
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Brief Introduction

Ankush Bhatia, a weDIDit.Health founding ambassador, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, received her qualifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) School, New York. She also studied Foundation of Nutrition and Weight Management from ESA – ACSM (Exercise Science Academy – American College of Sports Medicine) 2018.

Ankush is the founder of AharShakti, based in Mumbai, India, and through her health coaching services, she’s been successfully working with clients to reverse their PCOD, bring down their sugar levels and help them achieve a healthy BMI and weight goal.

The objective of Aharshakti is not to follow the typical two-month fad that Dieticians instruct their clients to follow. Through Aharshakti, Ankush opens the door towards a complete remodeling of food choices for its clients. With the help of Aharshakti’s health enrollment program, the AharPower, clients learn to read the food labels, ingredients of the food and help pick up the right kind of natural foods, which do not harm the body through Supermarket visits with the coach. It’s a unique health enrolment program where a customized plan is designed after a detailed discovery session with the client after assessing their health history.

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