Dr. akil taher

Dr. Akil Taher

Author of the book, “Open Heart”.

Brief Introduction

Angioplasty at fifty-six, open-heart surgery at sixty-one, running his first half marathon less than a year later. 

This is the remarkable and inspiring story of Dr. Akil Taher, a weDIDit.Health Founding Ambassador, who transformed from a middle-aged couch potato with a dangerously bad diet into a vital, energetic athlete, ever seeking new challenges and adventures.

In this book “Open Heart”, Dr. Taher relates the journey of his transformation—how even as a physician who knew better, he led an unhealthy lifestyle; how he ignored the warnings of his heart disease and other chronic ailments; and how after his bypass surgery, he set out to radically change his life to heal his body and his spirit. Training for and competing in his first half marathon was only the start. In compelling detail, he recounts his running in the Chicago, Boston, and Mumbai Marathons; his pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; his first triathlon and 100-mile bike race.

OPEN HEART is an essential read for anyone eager to change unhealthy lifestyle choices and embrace the excitement of a vibrant new life. 

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