Best Practices to Inspire your Loved Ones to go Plant-Based

From  weDIDit.Health authored by Dr. Angela Crawford

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Has your life been transformed by the power of a plant-based diet? If so, you are part of a growing movement of people who have experienced the personal and collective benefits of eating compassionately and sustainably.

Yet, you’ve probably experienced pushback when you talk to others about the benefits.

It’s likely you are frustrated when others put up excuses to avoid making the switch. Or… you wonder why your friends, family and co-workers cannot seem to move past the old ways that could lead them to disease and suffering. 

If you’ve been plant-based exclusive diet for any length of time, you know your loved ones would benefit greatly from exploring this way of eating.

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With 7 Best Practices to Inspire your Loved Ones to Go Plant-Based you have proven insights at your fingertips on how to have the often times difficult conversations with those you care about.

Conversations that encourage and inspire like never before.

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While we may wish to influence everyone to become healthier through a plant-based diet, the reality is that a plant-exclusive diet is not (yet) embraced by society.  Many people find it difficult to adopt a way of eating that appears to go against familiar norms and traditions.  You’ll learn how to determine someone’s actual readiness for change in ways others welcome.

We are most impactful when we share information that is highly relevant to the other person.  This may involve asking open-ended questions to understand their concerns surrounding health, nutrition, and diet, and their goals and wishes for these areas.  Listening to the real concerns others have will make all the difference in the world on how well your message is received.

If the other person seems reluctant to consider a plant-based diet, there are very effective ways to explore their fears and obstacles. You will learn how to address reluctance in a noncombative way that encourages others to a healthier lifestyle.

One of the best ways to inspire others is to role model a healthy lifestyle. You will learn proven formulas for success on how to live as an inspiration simply by following the outlined formula for success that is being well-received around the globe.

One of the greatest complaints those who have not yet embraced a plant-based lifestyle is being asked (or forced) to watch documentaries that don’t align with why they would go plant-based. With a plethora of documentaries to share, you’ll discover how to present titles others are open to which equates to higher receptivity of your message.  

Lasting lifestyle change occurs more readily when individuals connect with their own reasons for change versus feeling pressured or brow-beaten. Learn how to stay ultra-positive with every small change your loved one makes. Doing so will get you so much further than shame, blaming or making others have to defend their position. Knowing how to do this is a game-changer for all plant-based enthusiasts.

Everyone has their own process of change, and it’s important to respect other people’s journeys. Often, we forget our own personal journey into a plant-based lifestyle and what it took for us to reach the point we are at. You’ll learn how to continue to encourage others in ways they get excited about having conversations with you about the plant-based way of life.

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About the Author

Angela Crawford, Ph.D. is a psychologist and transformational coach. She is passionate about empowering people to create healthy lives that nurture mind, body, spirit, and planet. Dr. Crawford is certified as a Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, and has a Plant-Based Nutrition certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at e-Cornell. She is currently doing research for a book on the psychological and emotional benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

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