Founding Ambassadors

Valued Partners of weDIDit.Health

We are honored to collaborate with so many compassionate people and organizations.

Whether you are an individual, a charitable organization, a business, or a wellness practice in the plant-based realm, we need your support to launch the initiatives we believe will create the traction the plant-based world deserves to have.

Be part of the community from all over the world, who support weDIDit.Health and spread our message of health for all. They share our initiatives with their communities including inviting them to take part in our 1-question survey and to benefit from the programs that will make them each better ambassadors to help others to get curious about the benefits of changing to a plant-based lifestyle..

Through the collaborative efforts with our Founding Ambassadors, we are working to reach our goals with the Million Healthy Lives Scoreboard.

Our commitment to our Founding Ambassadors includes showing the world that you have had the foresight and have served in the efforts to make this endeavor a success.

We believe that the movement gets stronger when our Founding Ambassadors get the highest visibility. ALWAYS!

If you want to become a founding ambassador, write to PeterG@weDIDit.Health.

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